Common Core State Standards – 6th Grade Math


According to Common Core, instructional time should be spilt between four areas:

  1. Connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division and using concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems;
  2. Completing understanding of division of fractions and extending the notion of number to the system of rational numbers, which includes negative numbers;
  3. Writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations; and
  4. Developing understanding of statistical thinking.

In 6th grade, students will learn to:

  • describe and summarize┬ánumerical data sets
  • identify clusters, peaks, gaps, and symmetry
  • consider the context of collected data

They will also be building on their work with area in elementary school, teaching them the basic information to prepare them for 7th grade math, where they will work with scale drawings and constructions.