Is the Revolution Here? – Class Reaction


One of the most interesting questions we were presented with today is: will computers replace teachers?  I think the answer to this question stems from the type of teacher.  A teacher that merely deposits knowledge in their students’ heads is a type that could be replaced by a computer.  A teacher that creates a passion for learning in their students, working to create lifelong learners is a type that a computer could not really replace.

The idea that a computer could replace me as a teacher is a bit scary.  As I work towards beginning a career as a teacher, I’d like to think that my students will always need me there to help them learn and grow.  But I think it is important to see the emergence of new and improved technology as a positive rather than a negative.  On the positive, all of this new technology provides us, as teachers, with new ways to communicate with our students and connect with them.  It allows us to bring in more real-world examples for our students to see and learn from.  Rather than fearing technology, or ignoring, it is more beneficial to both us and our students to embrace what we have and find ways to use it in our classrooms.