5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions


This book was an interesting read.  It really makes you think about both what you have been doing in your classroom as well as ways you can improve your teaching.  I think it is important for students to have authorship in their own problem solving methods.

I do think that implementing this method would require a lot of work up front.  If you teach the same topics every year, it is not the same level of work each school year.  I do think that the level of work that has to be put in to implement this method could be a detractor for many teachers.  It’s something that I definitely think should be implemented if you have a strong, collaborative PLC because you have both extra support and feedback.


2 thoughts on “5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

  1. I agree that every year it would be less work. And every year you will be able to focus on more questions to maybe ask them, or different types! Also, each year, students might ask questions that you never anticipated so then you are able to incorporate those into your next years. And every year building off one another.

  2. What kind of work do you feel that you would have to do up front? My interpretation is that it really is a lesson by lesson approach. How can you anticipate students’ thinking for that lesson? How might you orchestrate the discussion and not just have it happen randomly? What might you look for in regard to students’ thinking as you walk around the classroom? I don’t think any of these things are really influenced by PLCs but your own, individual lesson planning.

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