Student Thinking #1


During the ratio and rates unit, we provided a variety of warm-up problems that allowed students to practice the math.  One of the unit rate problems was to find the price for one apple if 5 apples cost $8.35.

At the beginning of class during the warm-up, we paused the time and had students line up in the hallway.  As we were walking out, “Michael” asked me what the problem was.  I told him the problem, he thanked me, and we went out in the hall.  After a few minutes, we returned to the classroom and everyone resumed working.

As I went around to check on students’ progress, “Michael” stopped me.  He asked me to check his answer to the apple unit rate problem.  As I looked over it, he told me that he did all the math in his head as we were standing out in the hallway.

It was impressive to me that he could do that kind of mental math.  Most of my 6th grade students need to write out all of their division problems and that he could do the division without needing to see it in front of him was really interesting to me.


2 thoughts on “Student Thinking #1

  1. Acacia,
    Neat to see that one of your students was interested in continuing the math out in the hallway! In these entries I am looking for HOW students think differently about the mathematics. What are their misconceptions? Their struggles?

  2. That is pretty interesting! I don’t even know if I would be able to do that in my head. I’m also more of a visual person and like to see things on paper to make sure I don’t have room for error. Him getting it in the hallway is pretty impressive. Did he have any writings on his paper? Did he come check his work after he did it in his head? Or did he just have the answer on the paper?

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